Communication with Open Source and Mind

The Goal

@NeoRTiS have a purpose to spread open and free technical information to all who's interested.

The aim is to support network handling, embedded system analysis, operative system selecting with a combination of radio technology to create a free and a secure information system.

An information system is a combination of an interaction between people, information handling processes and communication technology.

"The concept of open source and the free sharing of technological information have existed a long time before the technological revolution in our days."

- The Network handling includes several technical disciplines to work properly. The knowledge of computer, telecommunication, business and social network is essential.

- Embedded systems are designed to do one or a few tasks with a simplified hardware to reduce cost and also be able perform real-time operations. Embedded systems range from small mobile devices to large stationary installations.

- An Operative system consists of several sequences of instructions to perform one or several tasks simultaneously and provides services for execution in computers or in embedded systems.

- Radio Technology is used for transmission of information through the air or cables between systems and people.

- Information Security means protecting information and information systems from an unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification or destruction. It also means to provide the tools for the information to be available when needed and the certainty to who sent or received the information.